Building schools in war-torn South Sudan

Ngor “Majak” Anyieth ’18

Founder and CEO, Education Bridge



Born in a war-torn region, Anyieth lost his father at a young age in Sudan’s civil war and was raised by his mother, who emphasized the importance of education. Anyieth took her guidance to heart, embarking on a life-changing journey that now allows him to give back.

As a child, he walked an hour each day in order to attend school. His dedication enabled him to excel at his studies, including in the Kakuma refugee camp, and later at the African Leadership Academy, South Africa. There, he learned about Notre Dame and was inspired to apply.

Once on campus, Anyieth began work on his dream: To build a school back home in Bor, South Sudan. With the support of his classmates, professors, and University administrators, he turned this vision into reality. In 2016, he founded Education Bridge, a nonprofit dedicated to providing schools for South Sudanese youth with a focus on peacemaking, entrepreneurship, and access to education for girls. After taking a leave of absence to open the first school, Anyieth graduated from Notre Dame in 2018.