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The mission of the Notre Dame Alumni Association is to strengthen the ties that bind us to each other and to Our Lady. There is no time more critical to show our support and care for each other, but most importantly, for our current students. 

In an effort to alleviate and lessen the sense of loneliness and overwhelm that students might be experiencing on campus at this time, particularly those who are in isolation, the Alumni Association is launching the Notes from the ND Family Program. All alumni, parents, and friends of the University are invited to write a note of cheer and encouragement to our students. These notes will be publicly visible and should exude a supportive tone. 

Please join us in offering some supportive words of encouragement to our current students and show them the power of the ND Family. All questions can be sent to

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  1. ND Club of Staten IslandNovember 13, 2020Reply

    The Notre Dame Club of Staten Island applauds the achievements of all Notre Dame students throughout these unprecedented times. Enjoy this little break and finish strong! Go IrisH!

  2. Notre Dame Club of PhiladelphiaNovember 13, 2020Reply

    To our Domers from Philadelphia!

    You’ve shown incredible courage this semester navigating the many challenges that 2020 has presented to the world. Finish strong and keep fighting to the end. We are so proud of all of you! God bless and Go Irish!

    Your Friends At the Notre Dame Club of Philadelphia

  3. Kerrie Debbs, President ND Eastern NCNovember 12, 2020Reply

    From ND Eastern NC, GO IRISH! Your ND Family Far & Wide has you in our prayers. We send our smiles, love and gooooood vibes out to campus all the way from New Bern, the Beaches of NC, Fayetteville and Ft. Bragg, Whispering Pines and Southern Pines, Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the Triangle. Stay strong for exams...and then THANKSGIVING! Please stay in touch with us on Thank you.

  4. ND Club of Eastern North CarolinaNovember 12, 2020Reply

    Hey Eastern NC Irish!

    We just wanted to send you a quick note to say we’re thinking of you and wishing you good luck on your finals!

    We know you’re working hard to finish papers, give presentations, and study all while experiencing a far from normal semester. We’re so proud of your resilience and perseverance during these unprecedented times. We offer our prayers for the safety of you and your families as you return home for Thanksgiving and your winter break. Good luck as you finish the semester! We’re rooting for you!

    Our club is continuing limited activities during this time of social distancing. You can stay up to date on all the club is doing on our website We hope you’ll stay in touch and join us for an event (virtual or, when the circumstances allow, in-person) in the near future. If there's anything we can do for you now or in the future, please reach out (!

    Stay safe and good luck on your finals!

    Keep Fighting, NC Irish!

    - The Alumni and Friends of the ND Club of Eastern North Carolina

  5. ND Club of San DiegoNovember 11, 2020Reply

    The Notre Dame Club of San Diego wishes all of our current students good health and lots of success this Finals Week! Enjoy the club-sponsored Finals Study Breaks on November 13-15.
    While you're home, we hope that you'll consider joining us for our Golden Dome Painting at NTC Liberty Station Park on Sunday, November 22, our Casa de los Pobres candy sorting and packing community service event on Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, November 22 in La Jolla, and our San Diego Club outdoor Mass and Luncheon on Sunday, December 13 in Encinitas. All students, parents, and alumni are welcome!
    Visit for details on these events. Safe travels from your ND Family!

  6. Alyssa HammerschmidtNovember 11, 2020Reply

    Good luck to all of our CNY/Syracusans! We're proud of you and all of your efforts during this extraordinary semester. Go Irish! Beat Finals!
    - The Notre Dame Club of CNY/Syracuse

  7. Bill KingNovember 11, 2020Reply

    Best of luck on your semester finals and congrats for completing a challenging semester to our Sarasota/Manatee area students. The ND Club of Greater Sarasota is proud of all of you. We hope you enjoy your long break. Please let us know if there is anything we can help with while you are home and know you are certainly welcome, encouraged even, to attend our game watches at Gecko's.

  8. William FentonNovember 11, 2020Reply

    Best wishes to our students - from the ND Club of Boca Raton, Florida. Good luck on your finals, enjoy the study break snacks and safe travels back home to south Florida. Our ND family looks forward to having you home for this year's extended Christmas break. Here come the Irish!

  9. Chris PadgettNovember 11, 2020Reply

    Hey Marylanders - Congrats on making it through 2020! Good luck with finals and enjoy the break with family and friends. The ND Club of Maryland.

  10. Gray familyNovember 11, 2020Reply

    Sending positive vibes from the Gray family! Good luck on all of your projects and final exams! You are champions for making it through this out of the ordinary semester. Stay strong and safe!

  11. Becky TanNovember 11, 2020Reply

    Finish strong and healthy Christina and Marco Tan. We are praying for you. Love you both.
    Mom and Dad

  12. Matt RonzoneNovember 10, 2020Reply

    Good luck on finals from the Aurora/Fox Valley Club. Go Irish!

  13. ND Club of Washington DCNovember 10, 2020Reply

    Go Irish, Beat Finals! It's been a different semester but we know you've made the best of it. Finish strong and healthy!

  14. Kevin and Susan Miltko and the Western Montana ClubNovember 10, 2020Reply

    Good luck on Finals! Finish strong! Go Irish

  15. Chris RehmannNovember 10, 2020Reply

    Hi Chico Club Students,
    Way to go on flattening the curve, and making it through this semester in person!!
    Study hard and know that your Club back home is praying for you.
    Also, great job with Clemson!!!!
    Go Irish!!
    Chris Rehmann
    Club President

  16. John DeahlNovember 10, 2020Reply

    Good luck on finals from the Notre Dame Club of Eastern Kansas. Congratulations on surviving this absolutely crazy semester. We're all pulling for you.

  17. Notre Dame Club of MinnesotaNovember 10, 2020Reply

    We wish our Minnesota and western Wisconsin students all the best as they approach finals and their trips home to the upper Midwest. You have done amazing work this semester. We are so very proud of you. We look forward to having you join us at Higher Ground or Dorothy Day meal services or at our of our virtual events (book club, trivia, luncheon) while you're home. Check for the latest news and programming for your home club. Go Irish!

  18. Rian Mark GoreyNovember 10, 2020Reply

    Atlanta Area Students,
    Good luck with your exams! It has been a long, crazy semester again but we are pulling for your success on exams and finishing the semester like Champions! Go Irish!

    Rian Gorey
    President, Notre Dame Club of Atlanta

  19. Notre Dame Club of Greensburg/UniontownNovember 10, 2020Reply

    We love our Greensburg/Uniontown ND Club students! The semester has been tough, but you're tougher. We're sending you good thoughts and prayers from PA and WV as you prepare for finals. Study hard, be well, and travel safely. We'll see you soon! GO IRISH!

  20. Terry Kirchmier '86November 10, 2020Reply

    The Notre Dame Club of Fort Lauderdale wishes all of our students good luck on your final exams! Enjoy a well deserved study break and finish the semester strong, safe and healthy! Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the wonderful holiday season with your families during the winter break! GO IRISH!

  21. Robert KearnsNovember 9, 2020Reply

    As you enter the semester's final weeks and prepare for your exams, remember that you are in the prayers of all ND Alumni who wish you to remain confident in your abilities. Breathe deep, put on that Fighting Irish smile, get through the challenge, and come safely home to your loving families.

  22. Casey SkevingtonNovember 9, 2020Reply

    The ND Club of Detroit is sending positive vibes from the Mitten State! Wishing all students the best of luck with finals although we know you don't need it!! Hang in there and enjoy campus! Go Irish!

  23. Nick CapeceNovember 9, 2020Reply

    The Notre Dame Club of Long Island is cheering on our students for great success during finals! Enjoy the study break and finish strong! We are proud of you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and restful break. Go Irish!

  24. Notre Dame Club of the Jersey ShoreNovember 9, 2020Reply

    Good luck on finals and Happy Holidays!

  25. Michelle Mowry-WillemsNovember 8, 2020Reply

    Good luck on your final exams! You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

  26. Mary-Louise PoloNovember 7, 2020Reply

    Wishing our Southeastern CT students, along with all ND students, the very best as final exams approach. This has not been an easy semester due to Covid-19, but you have persevered together. Safe travels home for the holidays!

  27. Kathy AntoniniNovember 6, 2020Reply

    Good luck on your end-of-semester projects and finals. Have safe, healthy and happy holidays.

    Kathy Antonini and the Notre Dame Club of Idaho

  28. Andrew GurtisNovember 6, 2020Reply

    Best wishes to all the current Fighting Irish from Volusia and Flagler Counties. Godspeed!

  29. Jen BrennanNovember 6, 2020Reply

    Good Luck with finals and enjoy the winter break. ND CLub of Eugene/Southern Oregon.

  30. Jen BrennanNovember 6, 2020Reply

    Good Luck with finals and the winter break.

  31. Sally McClanahanNovember 5, 2020Reply

    Congratulations on getting through a very tough semester and we know you will finish strong! Good Luck and Go IRISH!
    ND Club of Alabama

  32. Kevin MullaneNovember 5, 2020Reply

    From the Notre Dame Club of Madison Wisconsin - we send our best wishes for much success in your final exams and look forward to seeing you in WIsconsin when you come home for the holidays. We hope we will find a way to gather for a Christmas mass reception while you are home!

    Beat the curve!
    Go Irish!

  33. Rick Gutowski '68November 5, 2020Reply

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our Charleston Club ND students. We hope you have a successful completion of final exams and then a safe trip home. Enjoy the study break that we have provided from the club and GO IRISH!!

  34. Ted HoranNovember 5, 2020Reply

    I am sure it was not an easy semester in these crazy times. But as Domers I'm also sure you rallied and did what was necessary to enjoy the ND experience as best as you could. We wish you the best in your academics as you finish off your finals. Go Irish!

  35. Gayla MolinelliNovember 5, 2020Reply

    Good luck on your finals! We hope you enjoy the study break and that we will be able to see you soon.
    Your friends at the Notre Dame Club of Harrisburg

  36. Kathleen PiccioneNovember 5, 2020Reply

    The Notre Dame Club of the Emerald Coast wishes our current students a tremendous finale to the craziest semester anywhere. Good luck on all your finals and travel home safely for the holidays! Our club wishes all Notre Dame students a very Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

  37. Lisa ClearyNovember 5, 2020Reply

    The Notre Dame Club of Denver wishes you Good luck with your final exams. Take a well deserved break and enjoy some treats and time with your friends. We are proud of you and excited for you to be home for the holidays with your families. Things are different this year but the season for thanksgiving, love, hope and faith never changes. Go Irish!

  38. Carol ClemensNovember 4, 2020Reply

    Study hard and end the semester strong. Thank you for being diligent and following the COVID restrictions so that ND could stay open all semester. Not every school has been able to do this.
    Enjoy the beauty of ND in the fall! Go Irish!

  39. Jim MulvaneyNovember 4, 2020Reply

    Congratulations! As you finish this semester take time to enjoy this break with your friends. Good luck with you final exams. Enjoy your holidays back home with your family. Stay healthy and look forward to a Happy Thanksgiving. Christmas and New Year will be different this year, but the season of love, hope, and faith does not change. Go Irish!

  40. Richard Dahlkemper '71November 3, 2020Reply

    Best wishes to each of our students from the Notre Dame Club of Utah. Hoping you enjoy great success as you finish this weird semester. Go Irish!

  41. Tim TremblayNovember 3, 2020Reply

    The ND Club of Central NC wishes all of our students from the Triad much success in preparation and during finals this Fall. We are thinking about each of you and praying for you! Go Irish!

  42. Deb and Ed CaldwellSeptember 30, 2020Reply

    Hang in there ND students especially those from CENTRAL NEW JERSEY! Know that you are all in our prayers and thoughts. Stay safe, be smart and do your best regardless of how crazy things might be. We will all get thru this together!

  43. Joyce Hanak RoginaSeptember 11, 2020Reply

    Praying for God's hedge of protection around every ND student from a four-year Farley resident, Class of 1984 currently living in Basking Ridge, NJ. Love thee Notre Dame.

  44. Pat ColbertSeptember 8, 2020Reply

    I know this isn't the semester you hoped for, but I hope that with Our Lady's help, you and your fellow students can have a semester that is both productive and one to remember for some of the good things you were able to do together. Blessings to you and your friends!

  45. Jim Blaum ‘99September 5, 2020Reply

    Be smart. Be safe. Be strong. Be proud. Be yourself. Be the Fighting Irish!
    Do you know who is not going to allow a pandemic to distract or interfere with their goals, dreams, & purpose? That’s right: You. In the movie “Rudy”, Coach Devine tells the team, “No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around...” Whether the obstacle be internal or external, physical or spiritual, Notre Dame is your home, your house. It is your responsibility to protect it, to honor it. There is a whole army of alumni who are rooting for you and who have your backs. Get your education. Forge lasting relationships. Live this most surreal college experience. You will come out on the other side a bit wiser, a lot tougher, and so much fuller, emboldened by the Fighting Irish Family (past, present, & future) of which you are such an integral part. Go Irish! Go each & everyone of you!

  46. ESCoxSeptember 4, 2020Reply

    Dear Family of Notre Dame Students,

    Sorry this year isn’t what anyone wants, but hang in there, take good care of yourselves, and be there for each other in ways large and small. Together, you can get through this uniquely challenging time and will be stronger and better for it. Continue to make the best of your time at Notre Dame, and you’ll be certain to have life-long friends and memories and be well prepared to do great things in life. Your entire family of Notre Dame alumni and friends wishes you all the best and is pulling and praying for you now and always. If there is anything else we can do for you, let us know. We are Here for you.

    We are proud of you. And, together with you, we are Proud to be ND.

    With Love, Prayers, and Wishes for all the best, always,
    A Loyal Alum of Your Large, World-wide, and Devoted Family of Notre Dame Alumni and Friends

  47. Margaret BradySeptember 4, 2020Reply

    A big shout out to all Marymount Los Angeles alums!
    We are thinking of you and hoping you are staying safe and healthy in South Bend. Take care, and remember that you are part of something great.

    We miss you, Mary, Caroline, Kendall, Irene, Rachel, and all the other MHS Domers!
    Go Irish!
    - Mrs. Brady

  48. Amy Porter '14September 4, 2020Reply

    We are so incredibly proud of you. Despite this challenging year you are faced with during your time at ND, I hope you have been able to find some moments of peace, love, and joy. Please know that the entire Notre Dame family has you in our constant thoughts and prayers. We are here for you and hope you'll reach out to let us know how we can best support you. Stay safe, be well, and know we are always here. Sending you endless love, encouragement, and support. Go Irish!

  49. Barb BoylanSeptember 4, 2020Reply

    Dear Students: for you all at this beginning of a very different and difficult school year from The Notre Dame Student Book of Prayer; written by Chuck Lennon'61, '62MA

    We Are ND
    Lord, we thank you for the blessing
    Of belonging to the Notre Dame family
    Whether as students or alumni, faculty or staff,
    Parents or friends of Our Lady’s university,
    we are ND.
    What a gift this is!

    Help us to live the calling
    that comes with this gift:
    the call to excellence,
    the call to service,
    the call to faith,
    the call to integrity,
    the call to humility.
    Help us to be different
    and to make a difference.
    Allow us to bravely meet the challenges
    We may face when we are
    caring for others.

    Give us the grace to be more like Mary, our Mother:
    Tender, strong, and true.
    Increase in our hearts love for Notre Dame
    And the desire to be her faithful sons and daughters.

    Chuck Lennon ’61, ’62 MA
    Executive Director, Notre Dame Alumni Association
    The Notre Dame Book of Prayer 2010

  50. EleanorSeptember 3, 2020Reply

    Every year is special and you will make friends now that will carry you through this strange times!

  51. Derek Novacek '13September 3, 2020Reply

    Dear Notre Dame Students,
    I am praying for your health, success, and happiness during these unprecedented circumstances. I hope that you all will be able to make lifelong memories even during this challenging academic year. The campus is truly a unique and special place even during COVID-19. The ND alumni family is here to support you in any way that we can. Look out for one another. Take care of each other. To our Black and other students of color, I am with you.

  52. Jean Baptiste MvukiyeheSeptember 3, 2020Reply

    As an incoming ND family member,
    I feel excited to be part of this large network. I encourage all the folks to keep on their hope as we navigate these unprecedented times. Notre Dame is with us.
    From Kigali, Rwanda,

  53. Marta StepienSeptember 3, 2020Reply

    Who could have imagined a year like this? So much of what we look forward to and enjoy this time of year has been put on "pause". I pray that despite this, you are able to make memories that are just as full, and connect with friends, faculty and loved ones in ways that are just as meaningful.

  54. Liz ZapfSeptember 3, 2020Reply

    As an alum who also works on campus, I have been delighted to see the outdoor spaces made welcoming to students with the addition of tables and chairs and overhead strings of lights. We are all here to support your successful academic year and even the weather seems to be on board this Fall. Please know that we are smiling behind our masks as we see you on campus and sending you continued health and safety as we all work through this pandemic together. Hopefully next year at this time we will be able to look back and recognize that we were able to successfully and collectively make the changes and adjustments to keep each other safe. It is wonderful to have you back on campus.

  55. ScottSeptember 3, 2020Reply

    Matthew Kelly in his book "Rediscovering Catholicism" discusses how "individualism" is one of the 3 ills of society. "What is in it for me?" - in a time like we are going through, we have to put "individualism" aside and work for the greater good. Good luck and stay safe.

  56. Natalie KaschalkSeptember 3, 2020Reply

    Dear Notre Dame student,
    This will be a year like non other. It will try you, test you and try to break you. You will feel many emotions as you navigate the ambiguous and ever changing Covid world on campus. What is the only constant is the love we all have for you and the love your school has for you. You can do it and make it a great year in spite of it all. This school is fighting to keep you going so keep your head up and keep going. At some point this will all be a distant memory. Be well in spirit and health! Go Irish!

  57. StephanieSeptember 2, 2020Reply

    Hey there ND student. Welcome to campus. I am so utterly happy that you are here. The ND family loves you. You have overcome so much this year. The hardest year of most of our lives. Please know we are here for you. You are not alone, no matter your circumstance. Continue to overcome. Continue to stay strong. Be well, and Go Irish.

  58. Josh Flynt '11September 2, 2020Reply

    I know that 2020 has not been the idyllic college experience you probably envisioned when you submitted your ND application or first stepped foot on campus. While this year has been filled with unexpected curveballs and disappointments, know that you are in the hearts and prayers of thousands in the Notre Dame family. You've undoubtedly heard the stories and the clichés, but some of the friends you are navigating these challenges with today are the same people who'll be groomsmen and bridesmaids, godfathers and godmothers, standing along your and your family's side for years and years to come. The relationships and connections to ND are priceless and will last a lifetime, but the late-night conversations in the dorm, the trips to the dining hall, and the runs around the lakes are fleeting. I'm sorry they look a little different this year. Stay safe, enjoy your time together, and best wishes for the rest of the semester and year ahead!

  59. VALERIE ALVARADOSeptember 2, 2020Reply

    🇮🇪 Greetings from Ireland! 🇮🇪
    It’s great to learn about all of you, great young minds, pulling together, returning to your campus, to forge your future during these unprecedented times! Your generation will be one of resilience and perseverance. Keep the great work, nothing can beat you! Go Irish!!
    Enjoy your time at school, stay safe and support one another! ❤️

  60. Wendy BeuterSeptember 2, 2020Reply

    Dear Students, I hope you all feel like kids on Christmas morning. You all are experiencing the true joy that comes from unconditionally giving a gift. Each one of you has chosen to do what it takes to give each other the opportunity to be on campus-together. I know it does not feel like normal. My understanding of your cohort is that you all would rather be authentic than "normal." Keep embracing the fact that there is no normalcy during this pandemic and really looking for the extraordinary to make up for the shortcomings is not the answer either. Rather keep showing each other love. Simply love and all that comes with it according to your faith-forgiveness, Grace and community. Peace be with you all and Merry Christmas.

  61. Joseph and Dalia BacaSeptember 2, 2020Reply

    Dear Students,
    2020 would suggest that you have clear vision for what lies ahead. This year has been anything but clear! Sometimes within an obstructed path clarity emerges. It's not the year you had planned, but remember that the future is not defined by today but by tomorrow. Make the best of this crazy situation and our family will be praying for you!

  62. Mary Jo AndersonSeptember 2, 2020Reply

    "The only thing that was ever wrong with me was my belief that there was something wrong with me."
    -Glennon Doyle
    Just remember that you are good enough, exactly how you are right now. You are the apple of God's eye and he loves you not for who you will become, but for who your are right now. Hang in there!

  63. Amanda BuckleySeptember 2, 2020Reply

    Dear Notre Dame Student:
    We are so happy that you chose Notre Dame, and we welcome you to the Notre Dame Family. It may be a difficult moment/semester to be a student - but being at Notre Dame is an opportunity that I pray will be a positive part of your life forever.

    Some ND friends we hear from every week, but there are others with whom we have lost touch. Last week, my husband and I called an old friend who we met while working in South Dining Hall 40 years ago. We had not talked to him since our days on campus. He was delighted to hear from us, and we told stories over the phone for a whole evening! Meaningful stories.

    Hang in there, you are making a difference by studying and doing the right thing!
    Sending you Domer Love!

  64. Brian Crowley '19September 2, 2020Reply

    Dear Fellow Domers,
    I know you're already doing your best to make this semester the best that it possibly can be, despite all the unforeseen challenges it holds for you. Continue to work hard and order everything you do to the service and betterment of others. Be kind to your fellow classmates, and try to come out of this semester closer with your classmates than when you went in. We all believe in you and wish we could be there with you. Go Irish!

  65. Emma SchulteSeptember 2, 2020Reply

    To my Freshman daughter and all ND sons and daughters your efforts to keep the Covid numbers down and thus remain on campus have been noticed, appreciated, and effective! As parents we are so excited for you all to have this awesome opportunity to show the World ‘We are ND. We are ND!’ You sure are showing it, and doing it, and succeeding at it!
    Congratulations to all! We are very happy for you and proud, you should be too!

  66. Diane Diehl, ‘94September 2, 2020Reply

    Dear Notre Dame Students,
    No one could have imagined what 2020 would have in store for the world. As you start this school year, know that you are loved and prayed for daily. The bonds you make, the lessons you learn, the faith that grows will be with you always. There will be times that are tough - pray to Our Lady, visit the Grotto, take a walk around the lakes. These strange days will pass and you will come out stronger and more resilient than you already are! Good luck and GO IRISH!

  67. Laura McKnight Mackenzie '86September 2, 2020Reply

    At least the Dome hasn't changed during Covid! I remember gazing at it from my room in Lewis when I was a lonely freshman; seeing it lit at night and hearing the bells from Sacred Heart always made me feel better. I am praying that all of you will have a Spirit-filled, personally rewarding semester. Work hard, call your family, and spend time every day with God. Now go study!

  68. NaterSeptember 2, 2020Reply

    We are so proud of you! Enjoy your semester and keep up the great job. Go Irish!

  69. Matthew McCurdySeptember 2, 2020Reply

    You are a resilient bunch of young adults. Make the most of your time, no matter what gets in your way. Be smart, stay safe, and Go Irish!

  70. Rich WandersSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    Wishing the ND students and community to have a great fall semester...I know it’s a unique time, but in times like these the true Fighting Irish spirit rises to the top...The proud alumni network is with you in spirit.
    Go Irish
    Rich Wanders ‘77’

  71. Aurora & Bong DilancoSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    Hi Ethan, we're so happy to know that you are doing well over there and that you have quickly adjusted yourself to your college life at the ND campus. You are a very determined person and you can succeed in all your endeavors. Always remember that our Lord is always there, watching you and that Mama Mary loves you.

  72. RegSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    Be kind, be smart, and know that you are important. Understand though, that everybody needs to think this way. Humble yourself, and love those around you. Stay safe, and you will get through this together. The Notre Dame family will always be alongside you. That means that your peers will always be there for you. We are ND. Keep fighting. And keep faith, even when you think it's not there.

  73. Sharon Keane '84September 1, 2020Reply

    There is a phrase I've long loved and it is "bloom where you are planted." Right now you are on Notre Dame's campus surrounded by caring, committed people who you can trust are giving their all in these tough and unsettling times. Challenge yourself to do your best to bloom! Know that the Notre Dame family is holding you close. Prayers and blessings. 

  74. Colleen Bailey-KnapkeSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    I know this semester isn't what any of you expected or exactly what you wanted, but I'd rather be at ND with restrictions than anywhere else in the world. Thanks for setting aside some of your whims and desires for the greater purpose of keeping yourselves and your classmates in this magical place.

  75. Sean O’HaraSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    Keep up the amazing efforts! You are an inspiration and a light of hope for all the world in these trying times.

  76. Robert Armando ChuSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    Dear Robert,
    I am so proud of the person that you are! PLEASE continue to stay strong in your faith and close to God! Hope you stay healthy and have a successful semester at ND!
    Te quiero con todo mi corazon! Tu Mama

  77. Ellen BaldSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    We are so proud of you for taking personal responsibility to stare down this virus. Continue to take care of yourself and each other. We know this isn't easy, but we pray that God will give you strength to do the right thing. A true measure of character is doing the right thing when no one is watching. You can do it! To the Class of 2021 - this isn't how you thought your senior year would be. Set your sights on Commencement Weekend so that your family and friends can be HERE on campus with you, to celebrate your great achievement!

  78. Julie rotoloSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    Do not fear, follow God and his promise. Be strong and focus on faith, hope and love. Together we are stronger, together you make ND stronger! HERE. Go IRISH ☘️

  79. Kate CoatesSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    To all our Irish,
    You will someday tell the story of battling Covid to younger generations, and when you do, you will remember how you did things you thought you couldn’t in order to overcome an incredible. What’s more, you will have battled this enemy alongside your best friends. We believe in you; we are praying for you; we love you all. Keep making us proud.
    A couple of Irish parents💙💛☘️

  80. Linda SSeptember 1, 2020Reply

    Shout-out to all the Pangborn residents! Rest assured that the lions out front are facing down all your enemies. I believe in you!

    • Colleen Bailey-KnapkeSeptember 1, 2020Reply

      ooh aah, I wish I was [still] in Pangborn

  81. Jason Mims '75August 31, 2020Reply

    There is someone on campus today who needs your smile--share it widely so that it gets to them!

  82. Nelson G BadilloAugust 31, 2020Reply

    La virgen Maria los esta cuidando todo los días. Mucha FE siempre. Mucha salud a todos.

  83. Thomas VogtAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Congratulations as you start another semester at ND. With the pandemic in place it will be difficult to concentrate on college courses but I encourage you to focus on your courses and your fellow students. Have a super semester

  84. Teresa SnyderAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Hi Amy. Hope all is well.
    I am very happy you are at Notre Dame
    College. Because of the career focused
    degree programs, you will have options
    which will be to your benefit.
    Always remember, I am here for you.
    Fondly, Aunt Terry

  85. MICHELLE RODRIGUEZAugust 31, 2020Reply


  86. Tom MolnarAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Please know that we are praying for you every single day as you navigate some challenging times.

    God is with you, so you can do it!

  87. ErinAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Go Irish! Beat COVID! Hang in there and know that an enormous family of alumni & friends are thinking of each of you while you continue your education journey. Stay safe and healthy!

  88. Kevin Pulliam ‘18August 31, 2020Reply

    Thank you students for doing your best to keep ND open and limit the spread. I know it’s not an ideal time to be in college right now but you guys are there for a reason and are giving all us alumni and the whole world hope that we can make it through this thing. Our prayers are with you and we are all so proud. God bless and Go Irish!!! ☘️☘️☘️

  89. Elaine LesAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Keep up the awesome work Irish!

  90. Elaine LesAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Owen L, you’re doing amazing! Making us proud everyday! Keep growing as a person and have fun along the way. -EE

  91. Judy RossowAugust 31, 2020Reply

    It is good to know that students are back on Campus, I feel like we are making Progress, during this pandemic. We will get through this!

  92. George ArceAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Remember these words as you thank your Source the moment you wake up each day..."as you think so shall you be"

  93. DanAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Know that we have been and will continue to pray for you. So many of us cherished the many moments of our Notre Dame student experience, and we hope that you can receive that in full measure as well. Please stay safe, and look out for each other!

  94. Jeff L MillerAugust 31, 2020Reply

    If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done"!

    T. Jefferson

  95. Christa LeeVanAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Enjoy the early fall weather this week!

  96. Lori GoffeneyAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers to all of our students!
    Ask yourself: What would you fight for? Would you fight for in-person classes, physical distanced time with friends/classmates, (hopefully) your Commencement Weekend??? If yes, we can do this by wearing your mask, physical distancing when, where and for how long it is necessary and your daily health check. Let's Go IRISH!!!!

  97. ND Club of BostonAugust 31, 2020Reply

    The ND Club of Boston would like to send a message of support and encouragement to our Boston-area students, and all students who are Home Under the Dome this Fall. We know there are some unique challenges this year, but we also know that the Fighting Irish spirit will carry you through. Make the best of your time on campus: there's no better place to be. You're in our prayers and we wish you the best for a great semester. Go Irish!

  98. HeatherAugust 31, 2020Reply

    I'm so proud of all of you for getting the numbers down! While I'm sad to not be there to see a football game this year (which is the right decision), I am so thrilled that you will get to go! It will be hard not to want to tailgate or gather in other ways, but remember to stay safe! Things will get back to closer to normal in the future, hang in there! Love and prayers for you all!

  99. Dolly DuffyAugust 31, 2020Reply

    To all our amazing students (and future alumni!), we are so incredibly proud of you! Please know that you are in our prayers for a healthy semester filled with joy. Thanks for all you're doing to support each other during these challenging time. You truly are ND!

  100. Maryanne KrugAugust 31, 2020Reply

    YOU DID IT!!!!! And will continue to abide by the restrictions and recommendations in order to be able to celebrate being a part of the ND family. This is not an easy thing for any of us, especially the students and more so the Freshmen! Congratulations!!! May our prayers for you continue to give you the strength to endure and "survive" these unusual circumstance. May you be abundantly blessed for withstanding temptations to "break the fast" and endanger yourself and others. Thank you for your fortitude and GO IRISH!!!!
    I feel some of your pain as I so eagerly looked forward to a long planned trip to Ireland. A huge disappointment, however I am grateful for my health and that of my family, and yours too! God bless you all as we gradually move forward. Holy Mother of God, Pray for us!!!!

  101. AnnieAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Be kind to yourself during these strange days - make sure you are eating well and getting enough sleep. Be gentle with one another - this is hard, but we know you can do hard things. Be generous with your soul - even when you cannot be physically close to someone, you can always say a prayer or send a text.

  102. Gail BedermanAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Dear On-Campus Students: Thank you all for your many sacrifices while you were locked down in the dorm--especially (though not exclusively) those of you in dorms with no air-conditioning. Heaven knows, this whole experience wasn't what you signed up for, in returning to campus. Many of you were miserable, for all kinds of good reasons--at least, that's what I've heard from students. But you sucked it up, and "did the needful," whether you liked it or not, because you wanted to keep the whole on-campus "Notre Dame family" safe. And you succeeded. So many, many thanks , to ALL of you who bravely (or grimly, or, etc.) suffered through this lockdown, on the whole University's behalf. Thank you!

  103. Juliana NewbillAugust 31, 2020Reply

    As a future fellow alum, please know that we are with you in spirit. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you continue to have an amazing year! Stay safe and take care. God bless!

  104. Karen Schneider KirnerAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Dear ND Students,
    Hang in there! You can do this! Take time to love and support others around you who may be struggling. You and your classmates are going to show the world how ND can lead through this pandemic. The world is watching. We know it’s not easy. Say a prayer at the Grotto and take time weekly to attend a campus mass. We are with you in spirit. If anyone can make it through the challenges of today, it’s the Fighting Irish!

  105. Jacqueline ThomasAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Hi ND!
    I know this isn't exactly how you imagined spending a semester at college and I'm sure you're feeling a sense of loss for the things you were looking forward to but can't participate in. Please know that collectively your ND family sees what you're going through and our hearts are with you. Thankfully, every day at Notre Dame is a beautiful one and it's better when we are together. Hold your heads high and keep going. We're all cheering you on. Go Irish!

  106. Silvana Chedid GriecoAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Dear ND community
    Together we can fight and defeat this virus! Let´s keep united and motivated for the well being of the whole ND community! Soon we will be celebrating this victory together! #goirish

  107. Julie Wilson- Food and Beverage Manager Morris InnAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Dear Students,

    There is no better start to a message than to express the appreciation and admiration your Notre Dame Faculty and Staff have for you. In just the last 6-9 months, the world has reshaped nearly every aspect of interaction, focus and priority. While admist challenge, our students have bound together with strength and endurance in hopes to join hands and take on this tidal wave of threat and uncertainty. Our students have jumped at the challenge to continue studies and apply themselves as emerging, productive members of our community. We bind our hands, laced in yours, and bring comfort and prayer and hope of a sucessfully enriched journey this year; together fighting every hurdle that may come into your way. We support you, believe in you and are all putting in enormous efforts to, like you, prove that you (And we) can get through this! Full steam ahead- do not stop here, do not let fear slow you- dig deep into your studies and devoted to the mission and craft of the art of education.

  108. Jon StevensAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Each Friday since the start of the pandemic, a group of Notre Dame alumni friends have kept up a virtual Happy Hour. Since we graduated 14 years ago, some of us have school aged kids, young babies, are newlyweds, are divorced, or always single. It is a group in New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, and California. The bonds we formed at Notre Dame have changed over time but they persist. Right now, you might not have the most choices for how you "find your people" and build your community but yet you are in a community nonetheless. I know that the Notre Dame family was a part of the reason I chose to go there but then it wasn't always at the top of my mind when I was there. It maybe took a pandemic to realize it but I know it but in the long-run it is now coming back full circle to what made the place so unique and special for me.

    I don't know what you are going through. I can only attempt to imagine your daily emotional roller coaster. Know that from far away your Notre Dame alumni family sees you. We know it must be a lot. We are cheering you on to make the most of this unusual time. We have your back as you soon enter the broader Notre Dame alumni family. Onward!

  109. Paul BonitatibusAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Remember that great day you received notification of acceptance to Notre Dame? Now, you are there! While these are challenging times, what better place to be than ND? Make the most of it - be safe, encourage your friends, take care of each other, grow and learn. We are ND!

  110. RebeccaAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Hello ND students!

    Stay strong and know thousands of alum, students, faculty, parents, and family are thinking of you, praying for the sick and for a safe, fruitful semester.

    Believe, follow safety protocols, and don’t let distractions veer you from your goals. Continue to strive for excellence. Notre Dame is a very special place and you are a part of what makes it so. May this semester, albeit, not what you expected be filled with friendship, compassion for others. Challenges invoke camaraderie; be the best version of yourself daily. You were chosen over thousands to attend ND because of who you are; your talents, gifts and abilities as well as the potential to make a difference in the world. Be you!

    Challenge for the day: check in on someone today! Send a letter, text a friend, stop by the room of someone who may be lonely. Listen and be present. You never know how a smile or kind word could be just what they need in that moment. Kindness is never wasted.

    YOU are Resilient
    YOU are ND-

  111. Norm CampbellAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Hang in there and keep up the hard work. The Notre Dame family is cheering for you all and are there for you in so many ways. We Are ND and you are showing how we are ND Strong.

  112. Patricia and Harald BellmAugust 31, 2020Reply

    As alumni and parents of current students at our Lady's University, we are so proud of you! You exemplify what it means to have the spirit of the Fighting Irish by not giving the virus the chance to shut down the Notre Dame campus community and classes. As the weeks go on, please, remain vigilant! Positivity rates must remain low as we are going into the "staying inside season" of the semester. But you will show that the Notre Dame Spirit of care, community, and charity can carry campus students through a semester of onsite learning in the midst of a pandemic. We are praying for you and cheering you on! You can do it! You are the Fighting Irish!
    In Our Lady,
    Patricia and Harald

  113. Erin A.August 31, 2020Reply

    Hello Irish! I can imagine the disappointment and stress that this pandemic places on your shoulders, but we are all thinking of you and cheering for you. Someone once told me "live for the story!" and look at what a story you will have to tell for the rest of your lives! Make it a good story, stay safe, be resilient, find the silver linings, and invest in your relationships on campus. You can do it.

  114. Rebecca Wilson, Freshman parentAugust 31, 2020Reply

    To the Notre Dame students,
    The most interesting people I have met over the years have encountered some sort of adversity throughout the course of their lives. While not always obvious, their stories come out over time.

    You have already accomplished a lot in 2020, and now have a challenge ahead of you. Study hard and bond with each other over an unusual time in our history. You can make it it great or squander it. I hope you choose the former and please know that I am praying for you!

  115. Shari HermanAugust 31, 2020Reply

    This will be a year that none of you will ever forget. Who would have imagined something so unprecedented happening! But you are all up for this. If you are having trouble, do not hold it inside, share it so someone can help you. There are many that are pulling for you - from faculty, staff to parents and families. Do your best to find joy in being at Notre Dame. It is there for you. God Bless!

  116. Pat McDowellAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Dear Fellow Domer-

    In these unique and trying times, know that your family, friends, and alumni are thinking and praying for you guys. Your mental health is very important right now-if you are struggling, know that there are many others in the same position and do not be afraid to get help. I am very proud of the all the creativity ND has explored to make campus as safe as possible, and I believe when we emerge from this we will be better for it. Do not stray from God during these times-this is when we need Him most. Good luck and Go Irish from the Class of 2010!

  117. Christy NiezgodzkiAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Dear Students and Faculty,
    Greetings from Arizona!
    Just think, in the future, the students and staff will be using your classes as examples of true Notre Dame perseverance, Faith, strength, love, patience and resiliency! Maybe there will be a song about the staff and students who didn't let COVID win against the Fighting Irish! ☘☘ From obstacles and challenges, we learn strength. You will surprise yourself on how you will rise to this challenge. We're proud of you! Have a great year!

  118. The Resnik FamilyAugust 31, 2020Reply

    You've got this! It may be different than you expected but your time on ND's campus is not diminished in any way. Nothing can dull the glistening glow of the Dome, the spirit of community that permeates the air, or the spirit of the Grotto that fills your heart with hope. Go Irish!

  119. Pat Stanfill Edens MBA ‘88August 31, 2020Reply

    Best wishes as you begin or continue your studies at my, and now your, beloved University of Notre Dame. The experiences you will have and the memories you will hold dear will survive all the confusion of this pandemic. You will bond with your classmates and professors and support staff who are sharing in your new normal. Someday soon things will return to normal. This too shall pass! I will pray for all of you! Go Irish!

  120. Tiffany LeeAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Dear Notre Dame Students:
    You have accomplished one item off of to do list. You are a student at the University of Notre Dame.
    I'm not an alumni nor a student. I am a single parent of two children and a cat that had ND on a wish list and a sweatshirt. Sometimes I feel that I am in awe of you as a student of the University of Notre Dame. You get to walk the campus and see the Golden Dome each day. You get to listen to the weekly masses at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. You get to pray at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes and see the mural "The Word of Life" high in the sky at the Hesburgh Library. But most of all, you get to see the Fighting Irish fight on to victory at the stadium. So fight fight fight towards victory through the pandemic, but find peace in seeing, listening, and especially praying.

    Fight on Toward Victory Fighting Irish.
    From: Ms. Tiffany Lee from Burkburnett, Texas (loyal always)

  121. Julie MowatAugust 31, 2020Reply

    Dear ND students:
    You can do this! Stay safe, enjoy your friends and lift up those who are having a hard time. You are ND. You are determined. You can do this. We have hope for a great semester for you all. 💙💚💛 Go Irish!

  122. Sara— Class of ‘93August 31, 2020Reply

    Hi ND student,

    I just want to send a quick note of encouragement to you! I know this is not how you planned your college career. Every now and then just take a look around campus as you are walking the quad and remind yourself of where you are. Enjoy your time with the people surrounding you. You are among some of the very best!! Sending lots of love and luck your way.

  123. Faith LorenzoAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Yes, this is not what you planned. Do not let your souls become weary. Join any frustration, anxiety, and depression you may have with Jesus's suffering on the cross. Like Jesus, remember your sacrifice helps others. Trust in God's plan and know that good things are to come. God will make the valley of trouble, a door of hope!

  124. Kate HutchinsonAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Hi ND Students!

    Sending love and support to you all on campus! These times are tough and can feel ever changing, but I know that you all are resilient, smart, and caring as a community. Take care of one another and stay strong. I'm hoping your creativity and good sense will help you to have a really positive semester in spite of the difficulties. Best wishes! Go Irish!

  125. Paula Class of '80August 30, 2020Reply

    Dear ND student, No matter what your field of study, this is an astonishing time to learn and grow. Challenges and adversity can lead to compassion and strength. Consider keeping a journal of your experiences during these historic times (right, like you have so much free time - I understand!). Stay strong.

  126. cee iarussiAugust 30, 2020Reply

    From a gramma of one of the seniors I hope that this year does not fly by so that you can enjoy every minute of it regardless of the virus. Go Irish

  127. Mary & Oliver SchepelmannAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Super Proud of our ND freshman Daughter,Kat persevering with the other class 2024 students. Kudos to the ND admin who have worked tirelessly to keep the students on campus.
    GO IRISH ☘️

  128. JessieAugust 30, 2020Reply

    All of us in the Notre Dame family are thinking of you. Despite all that is going on and all that you are facing, I hope you can relish the millions of special little moments and details that make Notre Dame so amazing, whether it is the sound of the bells ringing out from the Basilica or the way the light hits the dome at sunset. Hang in there and know that we are all rooting for you always.

  129. Oscar & Rebecca ToledoAugust 30, 2020Reply

    We pray for your success and well-being every single day. Take good care of yourselves. God bless you always.

  130. Linda LynchAugust 30, 2020Reply

    I've been thinking of you all and keeping you in my daily prayers! This semester has not been easy, but each day you are persevering, getting through it, hopefully learning something and having some fun in the process. As you get older, many years start to blend together and memories fade. This will certainly be a time in your life that you will never forget! What will those memories look like for you? You get to make that choice on a daily basis! Stay well!

  131. Sarah GallagherAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Dear Domer,

    Just wanted you to know we are cheering you on from afar. Although this may not be the college experience you expected from ND, we hope you are encouraged by how many of us alumni are thinking of you, praying for you, and cooperating with social distancing measures so that you can get back to a normal college life as soon as possible.

    Be well and Go Irish!

    Sarah Gallagher ‘02

  132. Salvatore DifiglioAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Hello all! This too will pass! We have been through tons of adversity. Just work hard and enjoy your time here. They are the greatest years! You will accomplish everything you put your mind to! We are all in this together. We are praying for your strength. Just hang in there!

  133. MichelleAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Dear ND Student,

    As you begin a new semester at school, please keep in mind that any challenges you face will lead you to growth. During these uncertain times, remain positive and know that there will always be someone around to lend a helping hand. Experience all that campus has to offer and enjoy the school year!

  134. Maeleen HurleyAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Notre Dame you can do this! At ND we care about others and we take pride in our kindness.
    Parents don’t pay good money to have their kids be around jerks. We expect a high level of personal responsibility and we are getting it.
    Mahalo a nui loa!

  135. Jonathan FeldmanAugust 30, 2020Reply

    During the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918, there was certainly sadness and tragedy, but also examples of courage and selflessness. One example was families who helped others who became sick by taking care of their crops and looking after their animals. They couldn't go insidethe houses and look after the sick or they risked their own lives. This is such a great parallel for today's situation. Much good is coming out of the challenges of Covid from students donating plasma to countless volunteers and staff members setting aside their normal routine to support the testing, contact tracing, and all the support lines available to students. While I know it hasn't always been easy, I commend you in not letting this difficulty harden you but rather create the awareness that we're all in this together. Thank you for looking out for each other and pray that you reach out to help or to ask for help depending on your needs. There's always someone who can help, so just ask. Sometimes that person is us. God bless.

  136. Sue GrantAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Dear future Domer--
    What a most difficult time to be in your position. Attempting to complete/further your education in such unique circumstances! Hang in there--I have faith that things will improve and you will eventually have the true ND college experience. Having graduated in the second class of women, I recall some unique and difficult times, as well. But we all made it through and were stronger and better for the experience. Keep faith, pray often and believe!

  137. Eddie ReinhartAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Go Irish🍀 we are praying for all of you! Be safe!

  138. Michael Barry BowlerAugust 30, 2020Reply

    As an ND alumnus, I know you are bravely facing what we did not have to face during our time at Notre Dame. Now as a university professor, I know how difficult the current situation is. Please realize that there are many alumni hoping and praying for your safety. We support your efforts to continue your study. Take care and know we are thinking of you.

  139. Clarisse and Guy MatunduAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Proud of you guys! you are working so hard and following ND's instructions about C19. We know you can make it, just hang on there we're here to support you! Go irish!

  140. Sarah McGrath ‘77August 30, 2020Reply

    Hey there, student,
    Keep your spirits up! Listen to music, dance, play frisbee, have a treat; anything you can do to take a break. We are rooting for you! This too shall pass.

  141. Jayne Irvin HoppsAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Go Irish! As a collective group you are dedicated, disciplined, kind and have the necessary grit to adapt your behavior to conquer CoVid. The administration, professors and all the staff who supported and continuously support the students deserve our utmost gratitude and consideration. Thank you!!! Adherence to the rules is not an easy challenge but there will be a lifetime of harder challenges ahead, you will be stronger for meeting these. God Bless and stay healthy!!! 🍀🍀💪👏👏👏

    • MommabearAugust 30, 2020Reply

      Perfect. As a fellow parent, THANK you!

  142. Jacqueline Y. JordanAugust 30, 2020Reply

    This is a very unusual year but you have what it takes to make it through. So strive for progress not perfection & believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.

  143. Layne and Mark Roetzel, ND'80August 30, 2020Reply

    Be safe, be strong, we are Notre Dame family and pray for you during this unusal time. God, Country, Notre Dame🍀🍀🍀🍀

  144. Dawn KellyAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Keep your eyes on the prize! You can do this Notre Dame students! Take good care of each other. We are here for you 🍀

  145. Jennifer DriscollAugust 30, 2020Reply

    I know it’s so hard to be socially distant but don’t sacrifice your time as a ND student - enjoy your special time there!! Go Irish!!!

  146. Cynthia GarciaAugust 30, 2020Reply

    I have you in my thoughts and in my heart. Here is a favorite quote of mine from the Maxims of Perfection by Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ: "Take care that God alone be the end and the beginning of all your undertakings and that in carrying them out you never depart form his divine will; as to their progress, that you be perfectly indifferent whether they succeed or not, desiring in everything and through everything that God's will alone be perfectly accomplished--a will you ought to recognize and love as well in the delaying and failing of your good plans as in their progress and greater success."

  147. Ferdie TAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Go Irish!

    To the class of 2021, you’ve got this. You will be remembered as the ones who were challenged and overcame great adversity to chase your dreams.

    You are great examples to the lower classmen who look to you for guidance and direction, and a worthy addition to the family of ND Alumni who are ready to welcome and support you.

    God bless!

  148. KrisAugust 30, 2020Reply

    This is a time of trial like no other, and the character of each student and the university is being tested. We are enormously proud of what you are accomplishing individually and as a community under the dome every moment of every day this semester. Thank you for your perseverance and sacrifices. Know that we will not stop praying for your health , safety, and success.

  149. Michelle GillesAugust 30, 2020Reply

    It’s a hard year, to be together, and not be able to be together, at the same time. Stay strong knowing it won’t be like this forever, and that being together is better than being apart. Pray for all those affected by COVID-19 and those who care for them, and do all you can to keep ND strong. You are the Fighting Irish.

  150. SharonAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Excellent job Notre Dame. You are modeling hope for the entire country. This is how it is done. Go Irish Fight the Virus! ☘️☘️☘️

  151. Joe & Diane GonzalezAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Keep working towards your goals. Encourage and help each other. Strengthen friendships. Reach out when you need something. We are here for you! ❤️

  152. Jeanine GabelAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Through adversity comes strength and courage! There is no other place we would rather entrust our son. So proud of the work and community ND has built!! You’ve got this! ☘️💙💛

  153. Ann HendersonAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Dear ND Students,
    It’s difficult to imagine how tough it must be to be on campus and socially distance from your friends and class mates. Praying that you all stay safe and that the Lord guides your thoughts, words and actions each day. Please wear your masks. Please ask for help when you are struggling. Praying for the best comeback ever!

  154. Joanna Cote ThurmanAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Hello to my Fighting Irish family from California,
    It was just a year ago in May that my daughter graduated from ND. At that time we all felt so many emotions - gratitude, sadness, excitement, hope and a great fear of what being away from our beloved ND home and friends and families would feel like. It was hard to imagine life after ND but throughout this year we have learned that ND is and will always be a part of us. And that includes each of you. Please know that we share so much without even meeting and that Fighting Irish spirit unites us. You are not alone, we may be apart but we will always be connected. We think of you each day and we know that whatever your ND experience brings, it is what you take forward from it. Stay strong, embrace the moments, and share the good. Go Irish!!!

  155. David A MortonAugust 30, 2020Reply

    It was more than 40 years ago that I was on campus at the law school. Notre Dame is such a special place to me . Even just sitting by the lakes behind Sacred Heart, sitting at the Pieta in Sacred Heart, or just enjoying a solitary walk or a swim at the Rock. So, cherish the time you have on Campus, you'll think back on them so often for the rest of your life. You are important to people you've not yet met or may never meet. Your success and important education will make a lifetime difference in your lives and all whose path crosses with yours. Be safe-social separation and masks! It's important. My son had Covid and it worried me so much. There will be dozens of chances to mingle and party ...later!

  156. Mark DrakeleyAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Your Home Under the Dome is where you want to be. What are you willing to do to stay? Small sacrifices for big rewards. You only have 4 years as students. Don't sacrifice one of years to a virus that can be controlled by small sacrifices. You got this.

  157. Maru WhitmoreAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Our heartfelt appreciation to all staff and directives at ND.
    ND ☘️family students, keep up the good work taking the proper steps to continue improving and beating COVID at ND! Go Fighting Irish! ☘️

  158. Wendy PerryAugust 30, 2020Reply

    To all the students at Notre Dame: the world is watching as you show strength, determination, and grace during this pandemic. From the Senior leaders to the incoming Freshmen, YOU are ND and we are so proud of you! Keep the faith, enjoy your time on campus, and count your blessings. You are our future. Go Irish!❤️☘️

  159. Jackie and Tom ArchboldAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Nothing has proven the true character and strength of the Fighting Irish like 2020. We’re praying and cheering for you here in MN.

  160. JaneAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Wow!! We are proud to watch the ND community coming together to decrease the C19 cases on campus. You all are inspiration to the whole country!! Keep up the fight....Our Prayers are with the whole ND community! ☘️🙏☘️

  161. LoraleeAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Notre Dame students are so strong! I believe in you and I am proud of you!

  162. Renée SconzoAugust 30, 2020Reply

    Shout out to the class of 2021
    🍀 💙💛🍀💙💛🍀
    While not the start to the year anyone expected - make memories, savor your last year
    and focus on the entire ND experience—the friends you’ve made and the fun you’ve had!
    We’re proud of you! #NDStrong

  163. Ali ‘93August 30, 2020Reply

    You are ND! The entire world is watching and you will show them how strong, dedicated and capable you are. Go Irish. Proud to be ND!

  164. Kelly O’Neill MollerAugust 30, 2020Reply

    May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
    Go Irish, Beat Rona! ☘️☘️☘️

  165. Kelly MollerAugust 30, 2020Reply

    May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
    Go Irish, Beat Rona! ☘️☘️☘️

  166. Brenda & Javier☘️August 29, 2020Reply

    Go Irish! ☘️ Show what you are made of. Make it happen, stay positive, focused, and count your blessings. Peace and love, one for all, all for one.❤️🇵🇷❤️🇺🇸❤️

  167. Linda DiasAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Special prayers and blessings each day, and all through this semester to the Students, Faculty and Staff of Notre Dame!

  168. Barbara Warren McKinney 1980LAugust 29, 2020Reply

    God continues to be faithful, he will never leave us nor forsake us, we must continue to believe and have hope.

  169. TamaraAugust 29, 2020Reply

    You’ve got this!!! You’re bright & diligent to the cause of fighting any foe, including covid! You are amazing... hang in there... be smart & wear the mask...
    GO IRISH ☘️!!!

  170. Melanie CAugust 29, 2020Reply

    🙏 stay safe, find your path, strengthen your friendships, make wise decisions ☘️

  171. AdeAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Each of you got HERE with tenacity. You are HERE with enviable ability. You will succeed HERE with determination & the collective Will & support, of this beautifully unique ND family. Stay strong, in the name of NOTRE Dame

  172. Ed SonoskiAugust 29, 2020Reply


    • Bob KeeleySeptember 1, 2020Reply

      Ed, Bob Keeley. I roomed across the hall from you in 326 BP back in 1956-57. You were with Marty Topping and Greg Walsh and I was with Jack O'Brien and Ted Coyle. Terrific guys! Wonderful days, old buddy! I am sure you have done wonder-filled engineering work these last 60 years and I hope i have done some good teaching. Let's wish these craaaazzee kids of the class of 2024 the BEST!! Give me a jingle:

  173. Sandy BreslinAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Thank you so much for following the ND COVID protocols. I’m sure it can be tough, but your efforts are so appreciated. Hang in there! This too shall pass.

  174. AngieAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Praying for all of you to stay safe and well so you can enjoy your beautiful campus and eventually get the experience that you deserve. We love the ND family. Go Irish! ☘️

  175. Tina HolowickiAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Stay safe, unified and strong! We're all praying and cheering you on this semester. All the best.

  176. Patty SullivanAugust 29, 2020Reply

    We are all praying for you to have a successful and safe school year, Go Irish ☘️ ☘️☘️

  177. JosephAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Stay disciplined. Very proud of you. Swim like a champion. Go Irish

  178. AdrianaAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Stay disciplined. Very proud of you

  179. Douglas Abell, IIAugust 29, 2020Reply

    As Father Jenkins said, you are in the midst of one of the great Notre Dame comebacks. When you achieve victory over Covid, you will be remembered among the greatest classes to ever attend ND - the classes that faced a global challenge and WON, setting an example for the world. Our prayers are with you all. You’ve got this. Onward to Victory! Love Thee! Go Irish🍀

  180. George TongAugust 29, 2020Reply

    To all students,
    You have done so much to get here. You will do so much more after you finish your years at ND. This is but the biggest challenge that you will have to face in a long time. You will have to grow up very fast. Some of the college experience won't be there for you. But you will rise up to the challenge and show the whole world that We Are ND! So, do your best. All of your families are friends are behind you.
    Go Irish!

  181. Carolyn StraubAugust 29, 2020Reply

    ☘️Hi ND Students!
    You’re in our prayers each day! We are so proud of how you’re responding to a difficult challenge and making the choice of others over self. Enjoy your beautiful campus. Stay safe and take care of each other. Keep fighting Irish ☘️💪🏻!

  182. Jill PentimontiAugust 29, 2020Reply

    I am so impressed (and not surprised at all!) by how the ND students are coming together to respond to all the COVID challenges they are facing this year! Makes me so proud to be part of the ND family. Go Irish!!

  183. Carolyn StraubAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Hey ND Students & Staff
    Your selflessness and sacrifice for the common goal of being able to be together at ND is amazing to watch! There is nothing more precious than the relationships & memories you will make at ND. Although you’ve been challenged it will all pay off in the end. All things are possible through Him. Know you are in our prayers for strength, courage, kindness and love to each other. Stay the course and GO IRISH ☘️ 💪🏻!

  184. KristenAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Stay Irish Strong!!! Be the leaders you wish others to follow.
    Stay safe, stay healthy-you got this! ☘️☘️☘️

  185. Kristin Ziegler GittnerAugust 29, 2020Reply

    "Let us not become weary of doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galations 6:9 Notre Dame Community, we love you and we are praying for you!

  186. MarielaAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Praying every day for God to safeguard you, give you strength, and guide you in good decisions to stay in your new home 💚

  187. Todd and Leslie TerrellAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Know that each and every day, you are in the thoughts and prayers of thousands. Stay well and stay focused. We’ll all get through this together!!🍀

  188. Shannon ShineAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Hey ND students! Sending support and prayers to you all- prayers for good health, prayers for a fun & safe year. Take a breath of gratitude everyday as you take in your beautiful campus. Enjoy the wonderful community that you are in. You are in a special place surrounded by special people. Thinking of you often in my everyday, picturing the candles lit at the grotto for you all, and believing in the power of the prayers that are being said for all of you. Go Irish!

  189. Susie WalshAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Thank you students for the sacrifices you have made to flatten the curve and make the campus safer for all so that you can experience the joy of a semester on the Notre Dame campus. Joining with others around the country in the rosary for the continuation of your time on campus.

  190. Patricia ThomasAugust 29, 2020Reply

    First Year students, there is nothing normal or even fun about starting college this way, but you are in the right place to help you feel at home and cared for in all ways. Don't expect all the fun you thought you'd have and stay away from the parties for now. It will be tough but it will be worth it if you just hang tough!

  191. Stacey ReinhardtAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Dear Nikki, the class of 2024, all students, faculty, and staff. You are shocking the world!!!! Keep fighting Irish community and know you are making history!! You all are an inspiration. You got this!! ☘️☘️☘️

  192. Chris FrickAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Hi!!! I know these past few weeks have been filled with stress and uncertainty! I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with it, but you’ve been strong and amazing and I’m so proud of you! I love you! Go Irish!🍀🍀

  193. Diana and Scott ZinsmeisterAugust 29, 2020Reply

    There’s a reason you are HERE. It’s time to show the world why! Go Irish! Beat Covid!

  194. Anthony J CeritelliAugust 29, 2020Reply

    To all students, hang in there, been smart and be tough. You ARE ND! Show the world that common sense, intellect and concern for each will win in the end.
    Pray to OUR MOTHER, focus on your purpose for being at HER University and GO IRISH!

  195. Amy FieldingAugust 29, 2020Reply

    The world is watching. Rise up and show the greatness of Notre Dame. Take the safety measures necessary to stay on campus. Support each other and keep each other accountable. We are so proud of you, Fighting ☘️! You can do this.

  196. Linda Mueller ‘82August 29, 2020Reply

    If you all take an example from the football team, increase the discipline and you will beat this! Talk with each other on-line and we’ll be at the game watching.

  197. LatoyaAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Logan! We miss you and we’re so proud of you.

  198. Betsy BrodyAugust 29, 2020Reply

    💚☘️ 💚 You are loved and we are all out here pulling for you.! Stay safe, take care of each other, and be kind. Go Irish! 💚☘️ 💚

  199. Beth and Joe DittmarAugust 29, 2020Reply

    You guys are doing an AMAZING job of being patient with the process, being creative in your social lives, and embracing the chance to do what you can on campus!! Keep up the good work so you can finish out the semester! You got this!

  200. Jean Flanagan Prina ‘76August 29, 2020Reply

    Wishing you a successful and healthy semester ahead. Stay safe and Go Irish!!

  201. Jennifer O’NeillAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Some things don’t change Domers are Strong!
    We are praying for you. Keep the faith 💙💛
    You Gotta Regatta!!

  202. Anne Marie DonahueAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Keep working hard, have fun and be safe! Whatever you think you will miss out on will be filled with wonderful different and new experiences. You are ND strong!

  203. Erin GibbonsAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Dear Katherine and class of 2024! You are all amazing and will get through times like this, over and over again. Your resiliency, strength and compassion is honorable. Keep up the great work and know your ND family loves and supports you.

  204. Ann and Ron LesAugust 29, 2020Reply

    From what we have seen so far the Notre Dame sense of community is very strong and has come together to support one another and will continue on! The students, faculty, staff and leadership can do this together! Go Irish!

  205. Christine ThompsonAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Rolling out of bed for your morning class was never so easy- hat, mask, shades. Incognito. Make sure it’s not your sleeping mask, tailGating Superhero mask, or mud mask - teachers won’t be amused ... you might just find this less chill approach to waking up to be awesome! Ps girls- don’t forget mascara!

  206. Lisa Perez TigheAugust 29, 2020Reply

    There is so much that is different this year at ND but at its essence it remains a place of community , kindness and hope. Carry that with you through this challenging days and know that the ND family sends you hugs from all over the world.

  207. Debbie EvansAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Prayers for the best school year!
    Go Irish!

  208. Jennie O'HeaAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Class of '93 PW Purple Weasels here....Students, this too shall pass! We are all learning and growing through this pandemic. You will be stronger and more wise. You are the generation that is going to seize the opportunities from this crazy upheaval in our lives to make the most amazing things happen! We are all proud of you for your commitment to each other and Notre Dame! Go Irish!!

  209. DanniAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Go Irish! ☘️ Wear mascara.

  210. Gerard VernotAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Greetings: Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever. In its place is something you left behind. Let be something good for you and Notre Dame.

  211. Ed CortasAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Challenging times. Certainly not what you thought you were signing up for! Still, it is such a privilege to study at Notre Dame. Leverage that privilege! Embrace these times! No challenge comes without an opportunity to learn. How will you allow these times to teach you? Opportunities like this are so very rare. Don't let it pass. You can do this. Indeed, you were made for this! Every grace and blessing on you as you navigate these waters!

  212. JeanneAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Be Smart, be Strong, be Safe. Blessing to all!

  213. RachelAugust 29, 2020Reply

    I’m thinking of and praying for you all, and hopeful you can stay on campus this fall. Remember that while this present moment is temporary, you are forever a part of the larger Notre Dame community, one that transcends physical distance and endures forever.

  214. Kathi DeaneAugust 29, 2020Reply

    God, Country and Notre Dame. Hang in there!

  215. Pooja RanadeAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Dear Domers,
    These are tough times, but remember, you are always in our prayers and thoughts. And we know you have it in you to rise up to this challenge. Stay healthy, stay calm, and continue to spread the light. Your health, studies and research counts for all of us who were once at ND, and we know you will make us proud.
    Go Irish!!

  216. Ellen Keane ‘77August 29, 2020Reply

    As if you need more advice..... so I’m not offering any. Thinking about the amazing students, faculty and staff at ND and hoping that you all stay well.

  217. Greg KayesAugust 29, 2020Reply

    You are all in a tough situation right now, but remember that any chance to spend time on campus at Notre Dame is special, so find ways to enjoy it. There is no better place to be, and no better group of people to be sharing the experience with. Go Irish!

  218. Mary Schmidtlein RhodesAugust 29, 2020Reply

    You are hard wired for communion and community - with fearless faith and informed reason, you will brave this storm together! Our hearts and prayers are with you!

  219. Maureen Sullivan GarreltsAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Hang in there and have faith. It’s times like these when our faith can deepen. You will get through this. Instead of looking for things to get back to normal look at what you can learn from this time in order to make a better future. God bless you!

  220. Amanda SiricoAugust 29, 2020Reply

    We are so proud of you and your peers for responding to the indignity that is being a college student during a pandemic with the utmost dignity! Keep showing the world the selflessness and the care that sets ND students apart! Go Irish! 🍀

  221. James YuskoAugust 29, 2020Reply

    You are not alone. You are loved and cared about and you are in the constant thoughts and prayers of so many. Help and encourage each other and stay positive. You will get through these challenging times. God bless.

  222. Sheila O'Brien ‘77 ‘80August 29, 2020Reply

    Hang tough! YOU each are creating hope for every school, every business.
    “What tho’ the odds be great or small“
    Yep! That’s you. Thanks a bunch.
    Go Irish! ☘️

  223. MonicaAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Continue to embrace the vast opportunities and community home under the dome. Each moment at Notre Dame, regardless of circumstances, is a fleeting blessing

  224. Stacy ConnAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Let's do this! Enjoy being on campus as you enter the fall. Be safe, have fun, and Go Irish!

  225. MariaAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Students, teachers, staff and administration...praying and supporting you all through this time. You got this! Go Irish! ☘️

  226. Mary SAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Even during COVID, you’re still at one of the greatest places in the world! ☘️
    This, too, shall pass. Stay safe, keep your head up, and use this time wisely.
    After the storm comes the rainbow. So many awesome things and bright days ahead!
    Go Irish! ☘️☘️☘️

  227. Elly JonesAugust 29, 2020Reply

    We are all so very proud of you! You are bright, thoughtful and caring leaders who take care of one another and will be the next generation to help our country move forward and heal. Know that parents, alumni, and friends are cheering you on. Sending much love and praying for Our Lady to watch over all of you and keep you safe.

  228. Nancy DormanAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Congratulations, whether you are returning to Notre Dame or this is your 1st year at this great University. Please know that there are many people praying for you. We hope you make wonderful memories but most important stay safe. Go Irish!!

  229. ChrisAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Go Irish!🍀 So Proud of your renewed discipline and resolve with this reset but the job isn’t done. COVID has changed everything but you are still at one of the best universities there is. Continue to do the right thing take care of yourself and each other! Stay well, stay strong and be safe!!🍀🙏🏻

  230. Cristy DiDonatoAugust 29, 2020Reply

    “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford

    I believe if anyone can get through this successfully, it will be the student body of the University of Notre Dame!

    You got this! ❤️💪🍀

  231. Tom TaylorAugust 29, 2020Reply

    I know that none of you signed up for going to school during a pandemic. Just remember that tough times won’t last but tough people will. ☘️☘️☘️☘️ #40yeardecision

  232. Marcia RudmanAugust 29, 2020Reply

    To all Notre Dame students: Have a great academic year! I know you will persevere.
    Stay strong and stay safe!

  233. Julie CestaroAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Great job Norte Dame!!!! So proud of all of you and wishing you many blessings!!! GO IRISH ☘️

  234. John J. Bannan ‘91August 29, 2020Reply

    Enjoy your time at Notre Dame - even COVID time!

  235. Michael C O'LoughlinAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Wishing you a happy and safe semester. When times get tough, think beyond today and know how much you are loved by family, friends, and others you might not even be aware of. You being you is what we all care about. Enjoy the beauty that is Notre Dame. Know that you are there because you belong there. Take care of yourself, help others, keep up with your studies. May God bless everyone.

  236. Elaine PetersAugust 29, 2020Reply

    To All Fighting Irish Notre Dame Students! You should know that we are all pulling for you. We want you to have the opportunity to experience the best that ND has to offer. Always remember to do your best, and be your best, and make good decisions on what you can all do to keep ND open. #Irishstrong!

  237. KateAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Laugh often and smile with your eyes-it’s hard to see you behind your mask.
    May God bless you and keep you safe.

  238. Rebecca CroucherAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Dear ND Students:
    During these challenging times of uncertainty, please know that you are being thought of, prayed for, and loved by your Notre Dame family. It was your drive, determination, and hard work that facilitated your admittance into the University of Notre Dame. It will be these personality traits, (and many more), that will propel you through these unusual times. Be mindful of taking care of yourselves and talking/sharing your feelings when you need to, as well as be there for others with a sense of patience and gratitude, as you all navigate through these muddy waters together. During this year of 2020, you are writing a piece of history together. Be a FORCE for GOOD. We BELIEVE in YOU!
    May God Bless You ALL!

  239. Tracy O’NeillAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Great job ND students!! As part of the ND family here in the NYC area, we know how much discipline it takes to get and keep those Covid numbers low,. But know that we are all here sending prayers that ND students, faculty and employees together can rise to the challenge and remain on campus safely all semester. It’s a difficult time but hopefully one that will bring the ND family closer and show the world what you all can accomplish together.... HERE at Notre Dame. Go Irish!!!!

  240. Rob Naticchia (1995)August 29, 2020Reply

    Notre Dame Students- have a wonderful Fall Semester and continue to be disciplined with safety to protect yourself, your classmates, your professors, and the entire ND staff!

  241. david burrellAugust 29, 2020Reply

    I am using this parlous time to connect with friends the world over, as I have served and learned from so many david burrell csc

  242. RowenaAugust 29, 2020Reply

    I’m so proud of your commitment to making this Fall semester a success. Stay positive! Go Irish!

  243. Vivian CrismanAugust 29, 2020Reply

    You are living through an unprecedented time in history...the days won't be easy but you have lots of Notre Dame supporters both near and far cheering you on! We believe in your resilience and dedication to your time at Notre Dame. Good luck and God speed!

  244. Kris BargenderAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Your positivity has been inspiring! The way that you continue to connect with the band members (old and new) shows the bond that you have formed and will continue to build on in the future! My prayers are always with you!

  245. Mary MasalAugust 29, 2020Reply

    HOLD ON! You are going to be ok and you will do well. Take it all only one day at a time. God and we are watching over you, and wishing you well.

  246. Carolyn Sheenan AkermanAugust 29, 2020Reply

    You did it! We prayed for all of you while the world watched and waited. Please stay safe, watch out for each other and now thrive on being the best version of yourself so you can bring the much needed torch of peace and wisdom to light up the world. GO IRISH We love you 🍀

  247. Randy MarroneAugust 29, 2020Reply

    I’m in awe, yet not surprised. The way the Irish banded together for a COVID ‘reset’ was inspiring, and yet expected. You are showing that vigilance, common sense, and care for one another (community) can stand up to a pandemic. All eyes are on you, but there is no stage fright. GO IRISH!!

  248. Randy MarroneAugust 29, 2020Reply

    I’m in awe, yet not surprised. The way the Irish banded together for a COVID ‘reset’ was inspiring, and yet expected. You are showing that vigilance, common sense, and care for one another (community) can stand up to a pandemic. All eyes are on you, but there is no stage fright. GO IRISH!!

  249. Brendan RonanAugust 29, 2020Reply

    A bad day under the Golden Dome is still better than a good days in many places! Remember it is a sacred campus and Christ is present throughout. Take care of each other. When you pass under the Dome, look up at Our Lady watching over you and know all will be well. And keep the Grotto visited and the candles burning. Notre Dame stays in the fight what tho the odds be great or small. And always our hearts forever love thee, Notre Dame!

  250. RachelAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Remember to be kind and patient with yourself as you persevere through your studies at Notre Dame. In this time of crisis, do your best, but don't fret if you're not at your best some days. You've arrived at Notre Dame; you've shown yourself to be among the best and brightest and have nothing to prove to anyone. Take all the help you can get unabashedly. No one can know what the future will bring, but we can take care of ourselves and each other in the present.

  251. Alice WardAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Last evening I finally got around to watching the Hesburg movie. It brought back so many wonderful memories of friendship and faith at ND. I cherish all my years on campus, and am so sorry you and your classmates are facing so many challenges being there this fall. Please remember that many years of ND women are cheering and praying for all of you, so that you may have wonderful memories too. Take care of yourself and each other. The world needs you!

  252. Ray & Allynne AyalaAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Dear Notre Dame students, faculty, coaches, and staff,

    We are so grateful that you have begun your semester. We are praying for everyone's health, everyday. We also pray advanced prayers of thanksgiving for all the great things that we know you will accomplish this semester. This will be an outstanding semester and school year!

  253. CherylAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Be grateful each day. Find your joy.

  254. John OmernikAugust 29, 2020Reply

    May God continue to guide us all in sharing peace throughout our communities!

  255. Maggie HeathermanAugust 29, 2020Reply

    To The Men of Knott Hall,
    Use this time to form strong bonds with your friends in Knott. "Forced Family Fun" can make you or break you. Use this time to make you the strongest hall on campus. Be safe, still have fun, stay on campus!

  256. Diane DrakeAugust 29, 2020Reply

    Dear ND Family,
    Congratulations on the start of the new school year. We are all praying for a successful semester and we know that the ND community has the strength and capability to become the beacon of how to handle these challenges. Keep up the great work. Take care of yourself, your friends and those you love.

  257. Elvira AlvaradoAugust 29, 2020Reply

    As each day comes forth it brings with it an opportunity to make a better tomorrow by focusing on the present day with a positive mind set. You can and will accomplish your goals if you stay focused and have a can do attitude. Nobody gets hurt from trying, you only hurt yourself if you don’t try. I pray each and everyone is blessed with the ability to tackle each day with positivity and kindness towards each other.

  258. Thomas F. TalaricoAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Show the rest of the country that Notre Dame will continue to lead the educational community.

  259. KristiAnna WhitmanAugust 28, 2020Reply

    To all of you at Notre Dame, best wishes this year. Your resilience will only make you tougher at the end of all of this. To our #GUIrish especially, your family on Guam is so proud of you. Spread the Hafa Adai spirit throughout the ND campus & beyond. Biba!

  260. Katherine Mroz RSM '74August 28, 2020Reply

    My prayers are with you as you begin classes this fall
    ND never gives up--!
    We are all a part of the family of Notre Dame
    Be well and safe and make the most of your time on this beautiful campus you call home

  261. Mike Lenahan, EMBA ‘09August 28, 2020Reply

    As a student at Notre Dame, remember the responsibility you have to your fellow students, the faculty, the Notre Dame Community. You are ND!!! Stay safe, be smart, and Go Irish!

  262. Patricia HayesAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Although this year will be unusual and challenging, know that it will cause you to dig deep and learn great things. It is so hard to hear that when you are in college. But there are bigger lessons to learn always.. And try to find ways to look outside of yourself and to serve others.
    Good luck to all of you. We love ND and the ND family:)

  263. Geoffrey Hui '73August 28, 2020Reply

    As a student, I was 10,000 miles away from home in a foreign land and feeling low. I came from near where Tom Dooley wrote his famous letter about the Grotto. I used to go to the Grotto, read the letter, and feel homesick.
    Now I have nothing but gratitude for the numerous members of the Notre Dame family who saw me through. I live further away from the Dome than before, and 2 generations removed from the current generation of students. Yet what happens now at Notre Dame still matters to me.
    Encourage each other, take encouragement and persevere.
    Rejoice in the Lord always!

  264. Christine K.August 28, 2020Reply

    Your efforts and leadership are appreciated from your ND family. Small steps create HUGE leaps towards helping families in need. It humbles me knowing that you are helping those that otherwise would be forgotten. Keep up the great work.

  265. Bob McDonnell ‘67August 28, 2020Reply

    Be safe as you (finally!) resume your studies.

    • Bob McDonnell ‘67August 28, 2020Reply

      Since the pandemic began, we’ve all had the chance to accustom ourselves to the individual precautions and social responsibilities needed to combat our “common foe.” No generation has ever been better prepared —-by interactive technology, by instantaneous information and by medical awareness—-to cooperate, adapt and emerge victorious. GO IRISH!!
      Our Blessed Mother help us all!
      Bob McDonnell ‘67

  266. Gene Kasper, '74August 28, 2020Reply

    It's been said, "Strong storms don't last, but strong people do." You are are showing more and more strength every day - strength which, along with the message of Jesus Christ, will enlighten the world. The entire worldwide ND family is thinking about you, praying for and with you, and cheering you on to get through these hard times and emerge stronger than anyone thinks possible. Peace, love, and blessings.

  267. Amy MittagAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Dear Welsh Family Ladies,
    Just received the fantastic message that you will be remaining on campus and gradually resuming to in person classes. So happy to get this great news! Proud of everyone for working so hard to follow Covid protocol to make the campus safe for everyone. I know it has been stressful and difficult start to the school year but you are all showing amazing resilience and we are so proud of you. Good luck this semester. Work hard but also take time each day to enjoy hanging out with friends, relax and have some fun. Stay Notre Dame strong! Love the Mittags

  268. MarissaAugust 28, 2020Reply

    You have come to a place that cares for you . . . academically, spiritually, personally. Watch out for one another. Do your part to make being back at Notre Dame as safe as possible for everyone. We wish you blessings and hope for your continued health under the Golden Dome. Together, we can get through this, Irish!

  269. Tammy and John HarrisAugust 28, 2020Reply

    I want to say how proud we are of the ND student body by carrying on during these unprecedented times. Study hard, take care of each other, and find the joy in each day you are at Notre Dame. You are blessed! 🍀

  270. Bruce Mark MacKenzie, '64August 28, 2020Reply

    Enjoy your time at ND. Do they still do your laundry for you? That was the best!! Stay safe please. Avoid eating anything made locally.

  271. Sherise NievesAugust 28, 2020Reply

    You can do this Notre Dame family! How blessed are you all to be a part of this AMAZING university named after Our Lady! Know that she intercedes for you in a special way... Treasure this time! Use it wisely! Think of others! Enjoy it safely and remember to always be thankful. God bless you all!

  272. Matt VerichAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Stay safe. Stay positive. Every crisis presents opportunity. Learn! Share experience. Take care of each other. This will all pass and you will be stronger and better as a result.

  273. Kelsey McGuireAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Dear ND Family,
    Congratulations on the start of a new school year! This is a time typically associated with a great deal of change, and this semester is no exception. In fact, I daresay it will be unlike any other in ND history! There may be times when you feel lonely, stressed, even scared, but know that you have so many people cheering you on. As a follow Domer, I know how hard you've worked to be where you are now, and I encourage you not to let the new challenges of our world stop you from achieving whatever you set your mind to. The ND spirit is adaptable and resilient, and it lives on through you. Go forth and spread kindness, charity, and friendship, but stay safe and never give up the fight. May the road rise to meet you!

  274. Kathie DeMetzAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Enjoy your time at ND as it goes way too fast. One of my fondest memories is studying in the law school library as the marching band came marching right past the windows every weekday around 4pm playing the victory march. It was rather humorous, as many of us stopped studying to just enjoy the band, and we watched others pretend to continue studying despite the band's very loud presence. Learn, laugh, love, and make lifetime memories. Covid will pass. Go Irish!

  275. Pam SimsAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Thinking of you and praying for your safety, health and mental well being during this difficult time. I know this isn’t the year that you envisioned but you will be the stronger for it. You will need to make good choices, hold firm to direction provided and be encouraging to those around you. Treat each other with kindness. Trust in God. You will get through this! God’s blessings to each of you! Go Irish ☘️

  276. ParentAugust 28, 2020Reply

    I am so proud to be the parent of a Notre Dame senior and so very proud of everyone facing this pandemic at Notre Dame!
    This year has gotten off to a very unusual and unfortunate start but at least it has begun!
    I pray everyday for your health, happiness, and holiness. I am so thankful that you are standing up to COVID-19. Hang in there and don’t back down! You are The Fighting Irish ☘️ and you will win!
    God bless all of you and GO IRISH!!

  277. Jessica WillcoxAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Go Irish! All alumni are with you right now, wishing you the very best! Keep fighting, keep going!

  278. Stephen CutneyAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Our Lady will give you the strength to overcome this brief bump in the road. Many years from now you will look back and smile, knowing that Covid 19 was just one obstacle that you overcame to achieve your goal. God Bless You and Go Irish.

  279. Mary Beissel, mom of 2 gradsAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Please know how much you are loved and held in prayer. Take care of each other so we can meet again at football games, graduation and more. Party in the dorms. Stay clear of town, just for a bit so the virus won’t hurt anyone. May Our Lady, Notre Dame, go with you.
    Go Irish🍀🍀🍀💚💚💙💙

  280. Frankie WamsleyAugust 28, 2020Reply

    You are enough and your efforts are meaningful! History may have its eyes on you (like Alexander Hamilton), but the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady will guide and protect you. God bless

  281. chuck perrinAugust 28, 2020Reply

    I hope my letter
    makes its way to you
    cause you've been on my mind
    and in my dreams
    these crazy weeks
    I wonder how you are
    so much has changed so fast
    don't let the madness get you down
    I just want you to know
    that even though
    the skies look rough
    this is our destiny
    to dream up a better world
    find a path some way
    everything is gonna be okay

  282. Holly HoweAugust 28, 2020Reply

    From the Class of ‘99 Economics, Lewis Hall to all the current classes - hang in there, you’ve got this! Go Irish ☘️

  283. Anne OverlyAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Thank you for the sacrifices you are making through this COVID time to enable our University to thrive and be a model for the world of what we can do when we pull together. You make the entire ND family proud. We are ND! Go Irish!

  284. Mary Lou BoelckeAugust 28, 2020Reply

    This, too, shall pass. I have two college students now - one is back at school and one home doing Zoom. This is a tough time for all of us, every student in the country is going through similar things you are. So many people support you in your education -- hang in there!!!!
    SMC 81 with a major from Notre Dame

  285. Joseph Szczerba SrAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Perserverance is the name of the game. ND brotherhood and Sisterhood can do this together. You will all be much stronger as time goes on. The grace of Our Lord will carry all of you to genuine success. Keep the Notre Dame faith.

  286. AlumAugust 28, 2020Reply

    This is great news. May God bless your return to school

  287. John and Mary WiseAugust 28, 2020Reply

    As parents of 10 kids and 18 grandkids(so far), we like to encourage the use of common sense to mitigate the risk of getting and spreading the virus. We wish all the students a safe and successful year. The Wise’s.

  288. Katy B.August 28, 2020Reply

    Dear ND students and campus community - We are all so very, very proud of all of you. We know no one could have predicted that the resiliency, empathy, strength, intellect, leadership, and (yes) humor that is embodied in the ND students, faculty, and staff would be so profoundly tested. Thank you for standing up and showing the world what it really means to be "The Fighting Irish"! Our thoughts and spirits are with you. Go Irish!

  289. Terri & Bill MeyerAugust 28, 2020Reply

    As a member of the Notre Dame family, you have a unique calling to show others how to stay strong in the face of adversity. We are continually praying for your continued strength and for your health and well being.

  290. Nicole Mowad-NassarAugust 28, 2020Reply


    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, with prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4: 6-7

    We couldn't be prouder of our Domer Joanna! Love, Coco, Sany, Joey and Nicholas

  291. John C. WilsonAugust 28, 2020Reply

    My Beloved Notre Dame Brothers and Sisters:
    Know that there are many of us around the world who are praying and cheering for you as you triumph in spite of the current circumstances. This will prove to be the foundation of amazing lives and you will add these to your treasure trove of ND stories that we all accumulate while we are on campus. Stay focused! You can do this! We are proud of you and are confident that you will come out of these experiences stronger, wiser and kinder. God bless you all! Go Irish!

  292. Frances. Kern.August 28, 2020Reply

    One of my favorite saying from Romans 15:7
    It can only be to God's glory, then, for you to treat each other in the same friendly way as Christ treated you.
    Know our hands reach out together. Hold tight as ND FAMILY. Remember- WE ARE ND AND IN IT TOGETHER. Have a year that is filled with many blessings. ND ALUM 84'- ST. Louis CLUB MEMBER wishing you well.

  293. MariaAugust 28, 2020Reply

    We are cheering you on this semester and always! Keep your chin up and your mask on - we will make it through stronger than before!

  294. Sister Joan Schlotfeldt SNDAugust 28, 2020Reply

    I admire your courage and hard work as you journey day by day through this semester. You have a special place in my prayers.

  295. Karen ClayAugust 28, 2020Reply

    This is no doubt a rough semester, but one that you will always remember. Know that you have the love and support of so many staff, faculty, alumni, and family members. We are all praying and pulling for you!

  296. ND Club of El PasoAugust 28, 2020Reply

    The ND Club of El Paso sends our heartfelt support to our El Paso area students and all of the students at home under the Dome this semester. Your many efforts will rewarded and the sacrifices made this year will demonstrate your Fighting Irish spirit. Support, respect, and love one another. Notre Dame Our Mother, pray for us!

  297. RAY GEVAUDANAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Strength does not come from what you can do. It comes from overcomming the things that you once thought you couldn't.

    Stay strong, stay together and stay committed. God Bless you all!

  298. Your Family!August 28, 2020Reply

    You got this Irish!! Especially Ryan!! We love you and Trust in God!

  299. George EvansAugust 28, 2020Reply

    I am proud of you attending class in person. I cannot imagine my ND education otherwise. Be careful and safe as you navigate this new reality. The mask is not so bad, nor the distance. Please think of others as well as yourself. I think you will find it worth the effort.
    Go Irish!

  300. Marla MalcolmAugust 28, 2020Reply

    I am deeply grateful for the administration, staff, faculty, and students of Notre Dame for showing the USA and world that we can make life work in spite of Covid. God bless you all.

  301. Joe GarzaAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Hey ND students! When I reflect on my four years at the greatest campus in the world, there were challenges. For example: I remember one week where I had three midterm exams and two papers due during the same week. Your challenge is more stressful than that, but you should know you have the support and prayers of all the ND family behind you. I know you can do it and make us all Irish Proud.

  302. John O'KarmaAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Students of Notre are the future leaders of this country and the world! Know that we are all praying for your safety on campus and the Spirit to keep each of you focused and motivated during these troubling times. Each of you have the fight of the Irish in you and I know each of you will do great things with the education you receive under the Dome! We are all proud of each and everyone of you...enjoy your time on the greatest campus in the world...Stay IRISH STRONG!!!

  303. ND Club of San DiegoAugust 28, 2020Reply

    The ND Club of San Diego sends our heartfelt support to our San Diego area students and all of the students fortunate enough to live under the beauty of the Dome. May you be showered with resiliency, discipline, and the gift of love and compassion for each other. Notre Dame Our Mother, pray for us.

  304. Dan GarrickAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Hi to my ND Friends

    As a long time educator I empathize with the inherent challenges of our new reality...please know our school community holds all of you in our prayers

    Peace and God's Blessings
    Dan Garrick
    Saint Francis DeSales High School
    Columbus, Ohio

  305. Marilou BickelAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Dear Domer,
    I'd like to share a poem by Douglas Malloch. All the best to you & your years at Notre Dame!

    "If you can't be a pine on the top of the hill, be a scrub in the valley - but be the best little scrub by the side of the rill; be the bush if you can't be a tree. If you can't be a sun, be a star. It isn't by size that you win or fail, be the best of whatever you are!"
    By Douglas Malloch

  306. ChrisAugust 28, 2020Reply

    It stinks that this semester is a mess. But a day on campus at Notre Dame beats a day most other places, especially in your parents basement. Hang in there and take care of each other and yourselves. It'll be worth it in the long run.

  307. Carol ClemensAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Wishing you all patience, strength, and a sense of calmness as you move back to in-person classes. Follow the guidelines and know that while we may live many miles from campus, we are all "HERE" with you in spirit.
    Praying for a safe and healthy semester for all the students, staff, and faculty. GO IRISH!!!!!
    ND '77 and '81

  308. DaveAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Quarantine. Isolation. Loneliness. That glass is half empty.

    Sabbatical. Me time. Introspection. That glass is half full.

    Try to make the best of a most unusual time in your life!

  309. Caiti H.August 28, 2020Reply

    I know that this semester is not what you expected, but I hope that you take it as a time to appreciate Notre Dame and grow - in faith, in relationships with others, personally and academically. It's ok to mourn the losses that you have faced and are continuing to face, but also recognize how blessed and fortunate you are to be at ND (even if in a modified version of typical campus operations). I am confident that Notre Dame will prepare you for the next step in your life whatever that may be. I am praying for you and your classmates, and forever go Irish!

  310. SilvanoAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Be at ☮️ you never alone we walk together as one soul. Light shines on your darkest days with ray's of hope and everlasting ♥️🇲🇽🇺🇸♥️

  311. John McCabeAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Hello Notre Dame Family Member. How much easier it was 60 years ago when I first stepped on the campus , unpacked my suitcase into the metal locker and became acquainted with other wide-eyed students in the former men's dorm of Breen Phillips. Campus rules were pretty draconian, and our freedom was very limited, but the bonds of life-long friendships were being cemented. And, I have missed Notre Dame every day since i graduated. Enjoy your time, even if under the current constraints,and when the thought occurs, DO make that walk to the Grotto. Bless all of you Sons and Daughters of Notre Dame. Go Irish!

  312. MauraAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Although your college experience is unusual this year, please know that the ND family is out here rooting for you and praying that you all stay safe and sane. Be kind to yourself and those around you - start new pandemic traditions using your creativity and the smarts that got you into ND!

  313. Rhiannon YoderAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Enjoy your time at Notre Dame! Focus on enjoying the traditions, the friends and time spent with one another. Good luck and God Bless! Go Irish!

  314. Karen BroussardAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Great job on flattening the curve, Notre Dame students! You all are always in our prayers, and we wish you all a great semester ON CAMPUS! Keep making good decisions, and stay safe! We hope you take advantage of the amazing weather at ND at this time of year and find some fun ways to spend time outside with your friends, take a walk around the lakes, or sit quietly and reflect at the beautiful Grotto. You are so lucky to be at such an amazing University!

  315. Kathleen PolivkaAugust 28, 2020Reply

    I am so impressed by the strength, determination, and resilience of the students who are following the campus protocols to combat the virus and protect the community! It's not easy, we know. Keep up the great work!

  316. Jill WhiteAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Sending prayers and support to all the University of Notre Dame students, new and seasoned. Keep up the great work and know that all of you are capable, hardworking young men and woman who can do incredible things. Hang in there and God bless and Go Irish!

  317. julieannAugust 28, 2020Reply

    Hey Notre Dame students! Enjoy every day on your beautiful campus. Be safe & smart. Take care of each other. I’m praying that you can finish the semester in-person. Go Irish! ❤️☘️

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